How to Title a Bus As an RV

Convert a bus of any size--from a small school bus to a large commercial vehicle--into an RV or motor home. The definitions of a motor home or RV vary a bit from state to state, but the converted bus will need to have at least sleeping and cooking facilities, including a stove, refrigerator and water source. Other requirements might include toilet facilities, and heat and air conditioning to qualify. Once the bus has been converted to meet your state's requirements, take the bus title and supporting documents to the DMV to apply for a motor home title.

Step 1

Gather your documentation once the bus is converted. You will need the VIN number of the bus, the title, proof of insurance, the bus license plates and a weight certificate showing empty weight. There will be variations from state to state, but these are the most common requirements.

Step 2

Make photocopies of all receipts for your expenses to convert the bus. Focus on major expenses like appliances and lumber, not nuts and bolts. Take photos of the bus conversion. Before and after photos are good, but include at least an interior and exterior shot of the completed work in your documentation.

Step 3

Download and print out an application for a motor home title from your state's DMV site. If that is not possible, pick one up at your local DMV office, and fill it out completely.

Step 4

Take the application and documentation to the DMV. If a physical inspection of the conversion or verification of the VIN is needed, you will need to take the RV as well. Check your state's requirements by calling your DMV office, or checking their Web site.

Pay the fees. You will receive a new motor home title in place of your bus title. Most states will also issue new license plates.


If your RV weighs more than 26,000 pounds or carries more than 15 passengers, you may need to get an endorsement on your driver's license. However, no state will require you to get a CDL (commercial driver's license) to drive a personal RV.

Items you will need

    Bus title
    Bus VIN
    Proof of insurance
    Photocopies of conversion expense receipts
    Photos of conversion
    Registration fees
    Bus license plates
    Weight certificate showing empty weight