How to Replace the Parking Light for a Lexus RX300

The Lexus RX300 comes equipped with six parking lights, also referred to as side-markers. There is one below each headlight, one on each side of the front of the vehicle, and two at the rear of the RX300. Although replacing these lights requires more effort than replacing the headlights, because you have to remove the bumper or cowling, it is still a fairly simple process. It should only take an hour or so to replace all six lights.

Step 1 Park the RX300 and turn off the engine.

Step 2 Remove the three screws from each side of the front bumper with a small Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 3 Remove the bolt underneath each wheel well with a socket wrench.

Step 4 Use a socket wrench to remove the three bolts underneath the cowling itself. Once the bolts are removed, pull down on the cowling. Remove the two clips from the cowling with a flat-head screwdriver to allow access to the lights.

Step 5 Reach just below the headlights to access the white parking lights. Disconnect the electrical connector and rotate the bulb counterclockwise. Install a replacement 168-type bulb and rotate it clockwise to secure it. Reattach the electrical connector and repeat with the other parking light if necessary.

Step 6 Reach just above the wheel well and disconnect the electrical connector from the amber parking light. Pull the bulb out of the assembly and install a replacement bulb. Reconnect the electrical connector and repeat on the other side if necessary.

Step 7 Reattach the clips and bolts to the cowling to secure it. Reattach the bolt underneath the wheel wells and the three bolts to each side of the bumper.

Step 8 Make your way to the rear of the vehicle and open the rear hatch.

Step 9 Pry off the two plugs on each side of the vehicle with a slotted screwdriver to reveal some screws. Remove these with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Step 10 Remove the two bolts underneath each side of the rear bumper with a socket wrench. Lower the bumper to allow access to the rear parking lights.

Step 11
Disconnect the parking light's electrical connector and pull it out of the socket. Install a replacement 168-type bulb and reattach the electrical connector. Repeat with the other side if necessary.

Reattach the bumper and its bolts. Reattach the screws and plugs and close the rear hatch.

Warning: Use a clean cloth to install any halogen bulb on your vehicle.

Items you will need: Small Phillips-head screwdriver, Socket wrench, Flat-head screwdriver, 168-type bulbs, Front side-marker assembly