How to Remove a Front Bumper Cover on a Honda Ridgeline

The front bumpers on a Vehicles are secured to the frame of the Vehicles from the center mounting points on the center of the bumper. In the center of the bumper are two arms that connect the ends of metal frame to the bumper; the bumper is mounted to the frame by four bolts on each arm. You will have enough space between the ground and the frame of the Vehicles so you will not need to raise the Vehicles off of the ground to gain access to the bolts.

Open the hood of the Ridgeline and locate the clips along the top of the front of the truck where the hood latch is located. There are seven black plastic clips that can be popped out with a flat head screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to pop the center up (it doesn't come completely out) and then pull the entire clip out.

Locate the two screws (one on each side of the truck) that are at the front of the fender wells and remove them with a Philips head screw driver. They can be found by looking up from underneath the truck right at the front of the fender wells.

Lie on the ground under the front of the truck (directly under the bumper cover) and use a ratchet and 10mm socket to remove the six bolts along the edge.

Lay the blanket on the ground to place the bumper cover on. Start pulling the bumper cover away from the truck. There are tabs located under the headlights that hold the bumper cover in place. Hold the bumper cover at the outside edge of it and pull firmly--the tabs should pop out.

Place the bumper cover on the blanket so it doesn't get scratched on the ground. The bumper cover is top-heavy and some part of the painted surface will come in contact with the ground.

Items you will need

    Philips head screw driver

    Flat head screw driver

    Ratchet and 10mm socket