How to Remove the Front Bumper Cover on a Wrangler JK

The front bumpers on a Vehicles are secured to the frame of the Vehicles from the center mounting points on the center of the bumper. In the center of the bumper are two arms that connect the ends of metal frame to the bumper; the bumper is mounted to the frame by four bolts on each arm. You will have enough space between the ground and the frame of the Vehicles so you will not need to raise the Vehicles off of the ground to gain access to the bolts.

Park the Jeep JK on a clean, level surface. Get on your back and slide under the front end of the Jeep. Locate the bolts that connect the bump's arms to the frame, in the center of the bumper on the right and left sides.

Locate the hooks that come through the bumper on each end of the bumper if the Jeep model has them. Locate the bolts securing the hooks to the frame, and remove the securing bolts using the ratchet set. Pull the hooks off the frame and away from the bumper.

Loosen the eight bolts securing the front bumper to the frame of the Jeep, using the ratchet set. Have your assistant hold the front bumper as you completely remove the securing bolts from the bumper. Once the bolts have been removed, pull the bumper away from the frame.

Items you will need

    Ratchet set