How to Recognize Laptop Battery Failure

Let's start at first with the symptoms and causes of this unexpected and unfortunate failure.

  • Your battery is no longer charging and requires you to remain plugged into an AC outlet?
  • You no longer have any autonomy?
  • Your battery is fully charged but its battery life is getting shorter?
  • Does your battery heat up or become hot?
  • It is no longer recognized by the computer?
  • No longer charges or stops charging at a certain level? Or once recharged to 100% and it suddenly drops to 0%?
  • The battery prevents the computer from starting?

The most common causes of battery failure are:

You have left your battery on continuously, it has been connected to the power outlet too long while in use or when fully charged, which has caused overheating or a short circuit. It is also possible that you have discharged the battery to a minimum and that it can no longer recharge or that you have exposed it to the sun, which is strongly discouraged.

Remember that the operating instructions and start-up advice prevents most cases of battery failure..