How to Change Dyna Super Glide Oil on a 2005 Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson recommends you change your V-Twin motorcycle's oil every 2,500 miles to ensure the longevity and performance of your' bike's engine. Performed regularly, these oil changes can extend the life of your 2005 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide dramatically, reducing wear caused by degraded oil. Changing the oil yourself is a simple task that normally takes less than an hour to accomplish using standard mechanics' hand tools. Take your time if you've never changed your motorcycle's oil before, you will get quicker as you become familiar with the process.

Step 1 Start the motorcycle, letting it idle for at least three minutes to warm its oil supply. Stop the motor and lift the motorcycle into an upright position with a motorcycle stand.

Step 2 Unscrew the oil filler cap from the oil tank. Remove the oil drain plug from the bottom left side of the motor's crankcase with a 5/8-inch socket. Place an oil pan beneath the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely. Remove and replace the drain plug's O-ring with a new O-ring. Wipe the tip of the drain plug clean with a shop towel and reinsert it into the motor, using a 5/8-inch socket to tighten the plug.

Step 3 Remove the oil filter from the front of the motor with a strap wrench. Fill a new oil filter with fresh 20W50 motor oil and spread a thin coat of oil on the filter's inner gasket. Screw the oil filter onto the motor by hand until it is seated snugly against the crankcase. Tighten the oil filter an additional quarter-turn to secure it in place.

Pour up to 2.5 quarts of fresh 20W50 motor oil into the tank and wipe away any spilled oil with a shop towel. Reinstall the oil filler cap onto the oil tank's filler neck.

Tip: Take the time to locate the oil drain plug before warming the motor to prevent unnecessary burns.

: Do not use automotive-grade oils containing friction modifiers or additives, which will adversely affect your motorcycle's clutch and transmission. Instead, use motorcycle-specific oils and lubricants to prevent clutch or transmission problems.

Items you will need
: Motorcycle stand, Socket wrench, 5/8-inch socket, Oil pan, Drain plug O-ring, Shop towels, Strap wrench, Oil filter, 3 quarts 20W50 motor oil