How to Adjust the Shock Preload on a Suzuki Intruder

The Suzuki Intruder is a popular motorcycle designed for cruising or touring. The Intruder can be ridden solo or with a passenger. The suspension as set from the factory may offer insufficient ride quality when ridden with a passenger. The rear shocks are adjustable with settings from 1 through 5. Setting 1 is the softest, while setting 5 is the stiffest.

Step 1 Place the floor jack underneath the frame and jack the bike to take the weight off the rear wheel.

Step 2 Use the spanner wrench that came with the bike's tool kit to turn the stepped preload adjuster. The toothed end of the spanner wrench fits into toothed ring of the preload adjuster. Turn from right to left to increase preload. Turn from left to right to reduce preload. Setting 1 is the softest and setting 5 is the stiffest. The higher the setting, the more the spring is compressed. More spring compression results in a stiffer ride.

Step 3 Repeat the adjustment you made in Step 2 on the shock on the other side of the bike. Both shocks need to be adjusted to the same setting.

Lower and remove the jack. Take the motorcycle for a ride. Keep making adjustments until the desired ride quality is reached.

Tip: The jack takes the weight off the back of the bike, making it easier to turn the preload adjusters. The adjusters can be turned without jacking up the bike, but it will be much harder.

Warning: Be careful to not crush the oil pan or exhaust while jacking up the bike. Always jack the motorcycle by its frame.

Items you will need: Floor jack, Spanner wrench