Avoidable! Signs and how to fix a Canter that overheated (mitsubishi canter truck)

We absolutely want to avoid troubles of a truck that occur during driving. There are various troubles, from minor to major ones, that can happen in trucks such as Canter trucks, for example, replacing flat tires and overheating which can lead to serious problems that a car is completely wrecked.

Overheat is a problem that occurs when the engine is burnt out due to an abnormality in the cooling water (coolant liquid) or the cooling system.

The generation rate is extremely high among many vehicle failures.

So, what are the signs of overheating in trucks such as Canter?

Please check:
1) water temperature gauge,
2) the water thermometer!

Always check the water temperature gauge! Of course, you can read the sign of overheating from the state where the water temperature gauge approaches H, which means, Hot, but the state where the water temperature gauge swings faster than usual is a sign of overheating! Be especially careful!
Also, if the water temperature does not rise to C (cool) for a long time, there may be coolant leaks!
Engine speed on idling
When a car has unstable idling, it is time to check the condition. In particular, there are cases where the sign of overheat can be detected from the engine speed on idling, so you should also pay attention to the engine speed on idling.
Even if you step on the accelerator, the engine speed does not increase or accelerate!
It is highly possible that the engine is causing power-down through overheating.
An engine is considered to be a concentrated area of a source of heat such as ignition and friction and will fall into an abnormal heating state if you don’ take care properly to deal with this problem. Also, if the engine oil temperature rises too high, it loses its lubrication properties and causes the engine malfunctions.
Generate burning oil smell and the white smoke from an engine!
Terminal symptoms!!! The burning odor of oil and white smoke coming from the engine is a sign that the engine is already overheated and must be dealt with immediately.

Next, what are the causes of overheating of trucks such as Canter? 

Causes of overheating

Cooling system abnormality such leakage/insufficiency of cooling water
Check the amount of cooling water regularly.
Water pump malfunction
Deterioration due to rust and contamination and water leakage caused by abrasion will cause problems.
Failure of a motor cooling fan
If the fuse is blown off or the electronic circuit part burns, it does not work properly or generate wind.
Malfunction of thermostat and thermometer
In most cases, deterioration causes problems.

Exceptional causes include adherence of snow, paper, and vinyl to the radiator.

Next time, problems that you really want to avoid, but just in case things happened, what should we do! Introducing measures to deal with overheating of trucks such as Canter.

Please read below imagining the situation that a Canter truck you are driving is overheated.

How to deal with overheating

Stop a car
Obviously, it’s important to stop a car in a safe place first. Then turn off the engine.
Make sure that you do not continue driving.
It damages the engine and is extremely dangerous.
Check the amount of cooling water
Please do not rush even if the amount increases up to the H mark in the tank. It is not a problem.
If it exceeds the H mark or if it overflows, suspect an abnormality in the radiator cap or gasket.
If it is below the C mark, the cooling water may have leaked, and if the water is not clear, the engine oil may have contaminated.
We recommend that you immediately seek the help of a professional like a mechanic.
Check an engine oil
Stop the engine and let it stop for about 5 minutes to cool the heat.
At this time, it is safer to check after the oil has returned to the oil pan.
Remove the engine oil level gauge and remove the oil that has adhered to the tip.
Wipe it off.
Return the level gauge, pull out again, and if the oil scale is at the proper value, there is no problem.
Call an expert
If the heat of the engine does not drop even after dealing with a problem, do not try to fix it by yourself. It may cause a fire or damage the car.
Canter truck is huge, so if a fire happens. Call on professionals, such as asking for help form roadside assistance.