Wagner BD125400 Specs

A disc brake rotor is an automobile part that is connected to the wheel axle that stops the rotation of the wheels. The Wagner BD125400 is a disc brake rotor manufactured by Wagner Automotive Parts. This product is designed specifically to reduce brake temperature and enhance the overall performance of the braking system. The BD125400 is built to reduce noise, increase rotor life and remove dirt, dust and debris.


    This product is an automotive accessory. It is designed for use as an original equipment (OE) replacement within the braking system of a vehicle.

Rotor Type

    This is a full-cast rotor, meaning it can disperse heat from the disc pads quicker and much more efficiently than the composite rotors. Heat is stored in the hat section, away from the braking surface, allowing it to run cooler and decreasing the potential for overheating.


    The title of this product is the Wagner BD125400 disc brake rotor. It is made by Wagner automotive parts, a subsidiary of Federal Mogul, which is based in Southfield, Michigan. The manufacturer's part number (MPN) is BD125400.


    Each package contains one disc unless otherwise specified. Package height is 2.2 inches, weight is 9.45 lbs., length is 11.7 inches and width is 11.2 inches. The UPC code is 008536116912.