How to Replace a Windshield on a Gl1800

The windshield on your Gl 1800 must be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure the best possible visibility when driving your vehicle. If your windshield becomes cracked or damaged you should look to repair or replace it straight away. Both procedures could involve you completely removing the windshield from your car and replacing it with a new one. This is fairly simple to do as long as you have someone on hand to help remove and insert the windshield. A replacement windshield can be found at your local auto store.


  1. Place a sheet on your dashboard and the hood of your vehicle to help protect your paintwork and inner body from any potential damage or scratches.
  2. Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws off both of the rear-view wing mirrors. Slide the mirrors off their bases. This will give you easier access to the windshield itself.
  3. Use a knife or similar type of sharp blade to carefully cut away the rubber seal around the edges of the windshield. Pull the rubber off the vehicle with your hand as you cut it away and place it in the trash.
  4. Move in to the drivers seat and carefully push the windshield out of the car. Have someone on hand to help take the weight of the shield from outside the vehicle. Apply a thin layer of window sealant around the edges of the windshield and attach the new gasket to it. The heavy part of the gasket should be at the bottom with the slit located at the side.
  5. Tie a thin cord around the edges of the windshield. Move the shield in to place on the vehicle, pressing the outside against the vehicle to allow a seal to be made. Tie the cord to the inside of the vehicle to provide extra support for the windshield.
  6. Once completed, clean the windshield of any dirt or fingerprints. Thoroughly clean your dashboard and instrument panel to prevent any glass or debris getting in to the components or vents.