How to Replace a Caliper in a Lincoln Navigator

Owners of luxury SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator may not have much experience in personal vehicle maintenance. Therefore, if the brake calipers in your Lincoln Navigator need replacing, it's best to follow the instructions of your mechanic.


Removing the Old Caliper

  1. Shut off the power to the vehicle first, especially to the air suspension system. Disconnect the cable from the battery's negative terminal. You can now raise the vehicle on a jack stand.
  2. Drain brake fluid from the aster cylinder reservoir until it's half full. Immediately wipe off any fluid that gets on the outer body as it can damage the paint.
  3. Take off the tire and wheel assembly to reach the caliper you need. Remove the brake pads from the caliper assembly.
  4. Disconnect the brake hose from the caliper at the bolt. Plug the hose with a piece of rubber to prevent losing or contaminating the fluid.
  5. Remove the two brake slide pins from the caliper. Lift the caliper up off the anchor plate.

Installing the New Caliper

  1. Make sure the new caliper's piston is completely bottomed in the bore. Compress it into the bore with a C-clamp if needed.
  2. Place the caliper above the rotor and use a rotating motion to install it. Make sure both the inner and outer pads are positioned properly, the anti-rattle clips are correctly installed and the bleed screw is on top of the caliper.
  3. Lubricate the pins and the insulators on the inside with silicone grease. Install the pins starting them in the steering knuckle attaching holes by hand.
  4. Connect the brake hose onto the bolt. Use new washers with the bolt.
  5. Fill the master cylinder with brake fluid as needed and bleed the system. Connect a drain tube to the opened bled screw, submerge the other end in a container with fluid and have another person use the pedal to remove air.
  6. Reconnect the brake pads back on the caliper assembly. Reattach the wheel, lower the vehicle and reconnect the battery cable.
  7. Test the brakes while stopped by pressing the pedal repeatedly until firm. Then test the brakes on the road.