How to Repair the Front Disc Brakes on a 1994 Geo Prizm

The 1994 Geo Prizm comes equipped with front disc brakes. The disc brake pads are enclosed inside brake calipers, which are mounted onto the brake rotors. When the driver pushes on the brake pedal, the caliper pushes the disc brake pads against the moving brake rotors. This is the main process that stops the 1994 Geo Prizm. The brake pads must be replaced before they wear down to the wear indicators present inside the brake pads, otherwise the rotors can be severely damaged.


  1. Park the 1994 Geo Prizm on level ground and apply the parking brake.
  2. Loosen all of the lug nuts from the driver's side and passenger's side front wheels.
  3. Jack the front end of the 1994 Geo Prizm up. Place safety stands under the frame rail, on both sides of the Prizm. Position the safety stands near the rear of each front wheel compartment to hold the weight of the Prizm, then lower the Prizm onto the safety stands and leave the jack up.
  4. Remove the lug nuts from the driver's side and the passenger's side front wheels. Remove the wheels and lay them flat, away from the work area.
  5. Move to the driver's side front wheel and loosen the brake caliper from the brake rotor. This can be done by sliding the flat-head screwdriver into the small opening on the top of the brake caliper. Pry the outer brake pad against the caliper cylinder until the cylinder is completely inside the caliper housing.
  6. Remove the two slide pin bolts from the back of the caliper with the 3/8-inch drive ratchet and a socket. The slide pin bolts are the two main bolts that mount the caliper to the caliper bracket.
  7. Pull the caliper from the side of the rotor, then hang the caliper from the front spring or from the front strut with the piece of rope or a bungee strap.
  8. Remove the brake pads from the small metal clips. Also, remove any other brake pad accessories from the caliper.
  9. Position the new pads together with the small metal clips inside the brake caliper, along with any other accessories, then slide the caliper, along with the new pads back, onto the side of the brake rotor.
  10. Screw the two slide pin bolts back into the rear of the caliper and tighten with the ratchet and socket. Slide the wheel back onto the hub and screw the lug nuts onto the wheel studs. Tighten the lug nuts until the wheel turns.
  11. Move to the front passenger's side wheel and follow the same directions as above for replacing the brake pads. When finished replacing the brake pads on both front wheels, crank the engine and pump the brake pedal in and out a couple of times to seat the pads to the proper distance from the the brake rotors; turn the engine off.
  12. Jack up the front of the Geo Prizm and remove the safety stands. Lower the Prizm to the ground and remove the jack.