How to Repair the Front Brakes of a 2003 E500 Mercedes Benz

Brake maintenance is a routine activity in a vehicle's lifespan. Approximately every 60,000 miles, the brakes on a vehicle need to be checked and repaired if old or failing. The 2003 Mercedes Benz E500 utilizes disc brakes on all four wheels, so determining broken parts and replacing them can be done by mechanical novices.


  1. Open the E500's hood and locate the brake fluid reservoir in the upper right portion of the engine compartment. Check the outside of the reservoir to ensure the brake fluid inside reaches the "Full" line. Add brake fluid if necessary.
  2. Lift the vehicle with a hydraulic lift at a structure point and place the jack stands under the left and right control arms. Lower the lift until the weight is evenly distributed between the lift and the jack stands. Remove the front wheels using a ratchet wrench and lug socket. Remove the caliper by removing the two retainer bolts with the appropriate sized Allen wrench.
  3. Remove and replace the rotors if scoring or grooves are present--be sure to replace the brake pads at the same time. Inspect the interior of the caliper and look for oil or grease near the piston. Remove and replace with an after-market caliper if any fluid is present. Locate and trace the brake line and inspect the 2 foot-long rubber section. Look for pinholes or cuts--replace if any are present.
  4. Check the brake pads for wear. Replace the pads if they are near the metal safety clip. Use pad glue to keep the new pads from rattling after installed. Use a C-clamp to extend the piston to it open position and slide the caliper onto the rotor. Secure the caliper by tightening the retainer bolts. Mount the wheels onto the hub assembly and hand thread the lugs. Lower the vehicle and tighten the lugs per torque specifications.