How to Install a 1970 Chevelle Windshield

The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle features the curvier body and windshield that was introduced in the second-generation model in 1968. Unfortunately, years can take their toll on automotive window glass. A 40-year-old 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle windshield is likely to have its share of chips and cracks, but even if it doesn't, thousands of tiny pits in the surface of the glass contribute to decreased driver visibility, especially at night or when driving into the sun. Replacing the windshield on your 1970 Chevelle is a fairly major undertaking, but the results will be worth the effort when it comes to increased safety on the road.


  1. Clean the windshield frame thoroughly, using a razor blade or flat head screwdriver to remove any bits of old window sealant or other contaminants. Remove the old molding clips with a Phillips screwdriver and replace them with new ones.
  2. Place the replacement windshield in the frame to check for fit. Make sure there are no bends or dents in the frame which would prevent the glass from sealing correctly. Use small blocks of wood or plastic as spacers to hold the windshield glass snugly in the frame while you check it.
  3. Remove the glass, but leave the wood or plastic spacers in place. Apply a stripe of self-priming sealer around the edges of the inside of the windshield glass with the provided applicator brush. Apply a similar stripe around the windshield frame on the car.
  4. Apply a bead of urethane windshield sealer all the way around the windshield frame with an applicator gun. This thick, plastic-like substance is a different product than the liquid self-priming sealer.
  5. Place the windshield in position while the sealer is still tacky, using the wood or plastic spacers to ensure that it fits snugly in the right place. Be careful not to smear any of the sealer while you are handling the windshield.
  6. Align the windshield carefully into its final position. Press the glass into the sealer to set it, applying pressure with your hands around the entire circumference of the frame.
  7. Install the windshield molding. Start at one corner and press the molding into the new molding clips until it snaps into place. Work your way around the entire windshield piece by piece.