How to Fix the Window on a 1998 Honda Civic

A broken window in your 1998 Honda Civic not only damages the look of your vehicle, but can also put it at risk for becoming further damaged by weather or by potential thieves. To prevent this you should look to fix the window as soon as possible by removing the window pane and inserting a new one.


  1. Open up the door that contains the window you are looking to replace. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the mounting screws attached to the door panel. Pull the door panel away from the door.
  2. Take the screws from the door handle and remove the handle from the door. Unhook the linkage arm within the door handle and remove the rest of the door handle assembly.
  3. Move the window regulator to its lowest position within the access panel. Use a hex wrench to remove the hex bolts that connect the window to the regulator.
  4. Pull the window from the frame. Take care not to further damage the window or hurt yourself on any of the pieces of glass as you remove them.
  5. Insert a new pane of glass into the window frame. Attach the window to the regulator with the hex bolts. Reattach the door assembly by following the removal steps in reverse.