How to Change the Brakes on a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier

The 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier is a small car designed to be a low-cost, everyday commuter vehicle with above-average fuel mileage. With everyday use, the brakes will eventually wear out and need to be changed to maintain the stopping power and safety of your automobile. When you change the brakes on your Cavalier, it is important to change all four brakes so that stopping power is uniform among all of the wheels.


  1. Set the parking brake and place blocks firmly behind the back wheels.
  2. Lift the front end of the car with a jack and place jack stands underneath to increase safety.
  3. Remove the bolts on the driver side wheel with a tire iron.
  4. Pull off the tire to expose the brake and brake calipers.
  5. Remove the two bolts on the front of the brake caliper with a 3/8-inch hex socket and wrench.
  6. Pull off the brake caliper carefully and remove the brake pad from inside it, making sure not to remove the brake backing plate.
  7. Push the piston back into the brake caliper, using a C-clamp, so that it is flush with the rest of the caliper.
  8. Place the new brake pad into the brake caliper and put it back over the brake rotor.
  9. Reattach the brake caliper back into place with the two bolts you removed earlier.
  10. Put the wheel back onto the car and bolt it in place with the tire iron.
  11. Repeat steps 3 through 10 on the opposite wheel.
  12. Remove the jack stands and lower the front end of the Cavalier.
  13. Move the blocks to the front of the front wheels and raise the back end of the car with a jack. Secure it in place with jack stands.
  14. Repeat steps 3 through 12 for each of the back wheels.