Epygi and Viking Electronics Announce Full Integration

Digital communication brings together a wide range of technologies and makes it available for use cases in many different industries. For hardware manufacturers and software developers, interoperability among the different devices and platforms available in the marketplace is key in order to succeed as a business. This has led many companies to develop interoperability testing and certification by forming partnership to ensure their products are compatible and made available to their customers out of the box. Epygi Technologies and Viking Electronics have announced such a partnership with the complete integration of their IP phones and PBXs.

Viking Electronics has more than 500 communication and security solutions under production, which are designed by the company to provide digital and analog products in the market place. This includes everything from SIP-enabled emergency and entry phones to mass notification systems, VoIP paging interfaces and IP phones. The company's 1600-IP and 10/20/30/32-IP series phones are going to be integrated and made available for interoperability with the Epygi Technologies' QX IP PBXs.

"We want to thank the people at EPYGI for all their hard work and effort in assuring that our line of SIP based emergency phones and door entry phones work properly with their QX IP PBX. I can see this being of great help to our mutual customers and installers," said Bill Heideman, President, Viking Electronics.

The E-10/20/30/32-IP VoIP Entry Phones provide hands-free communication for SIP VoIP phone systems with PoE. These IP phones have been designed to be programmed remotely using a static IP address, any touchtone phone or personal computer. The phones can dial up to five programmable numbers, which are stored in non-volatile memory, requiring no batteries along with location numbers and programming parameters. They can be installed outdoors with the Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) package, which includes urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards encased in a housed with foam rubber gaskets and boots, sealed connections and gel-filled butt connectors.

The 1600-IP Series ADA Compliant VoIP Emergency Phones also provide hands-free operations with the same remote programmability as the E series IP phones.

"We are excited to announce our interoperability with Viking Electronics. The partnering of the Epygi QX IP PBX with Viking Electronics's new SIP-enabled Emergency and Entry Phones results in a seamless solution adaptable for many environments," said Andy White, Director of Support and Training, Epygi.

Epygi's QX IP PBXs and Gateways can be applied for very small offices or large enterprises with mix and match capability to address almost every communications need, which in this case includes remote and hands free operations.

The interoperable 1600-IP and 10/20/30/32-IP and QX IP PBXs are now available.