Vine App will Become Vine Camera on January 17

Some features will still be available in the Vine Camera
In October last year, Twitter announced its intention to kill Vine, the video sharing service that has become popular for funny content shared on the platform. It was later announced that Vine would be replaced by Vine Camera app.

In a post on Vine forums, the team has announced that Vine Camera will go live on January 17. Vine users will be notified of this through the app and some of the features will be retained. This means that users would be able to create 6.5-second looping videos and post them on Twitter or save the content to the phone’s camera roll.

However, once the Vine Camera goes live, users won’t be able to download Vines from the app. Changes will be made to the Vine website as well. It appears that the website will transition to an archive of Vines that was created through the app. Users will be able to continue browsing Vines and notifications if any other changes are provided through the archive.

Users can download their videos until January 17

Moreover, it seems that Vine videos will retain their looping capabilities on Twitter, even if they’re posted from the Vine Camera or uploaded directly to Twitter.

Followers from Vine can be transferred to Twitter, users can connect the two accounts using the Follow On Twitter feature. Both accounts must be public and users must link them in the settings menu in order to work. The feature isn’t yet available.

Another important piece of information is that users can download their Vines from the app on iOS and Android or the website, but only until January 17. Captions and comments can also be downloaded, together with Vine videos.

After this date, the content will no longer be available for download. Moreover, it seems that #BeyondTheVine videos aren’t available for download, since they’re simply part of a beta program.