Russia Asks Apple and Google to Remove LinkedIn App from the Stores

Smartphone users will no longer be able to download the app
Russia officially banned LinkedIn back in November, but that wasn't enough, so fast forward two months and the government is now asking both Google and Apple to remove the mobile application from their corresponding app stores.

The New York Times reports that Russian authorities have demanded both companies to remove LinkedIn in Apple and Google Play store after a court blocked the network service for violating local laws that require businesses in the country to store data on Russian citizens within the nation's borders.

Microsoft's LinkedIn did not comply to these rules, not even the ruling back in November, which is probably one of the reasons the Russian authorities have decided to ask Google and Apple to completely remove the application from their stores.

Both Apple and Google have yet to positively respond to the request, but suffice to say both companies are put in a difficult situation. Removing LinkedIn from their stores is completely against their policies and would mark the fall of the last bastion of freedom.

LinkedIn has several million users in Russia

It's also worth noting that Apple has already confirmed that it has received a request from Russian authorities to remove the LinkedIn app from the App Store, but Google has declined to comment on the matter for the time being.

Although LinkedIn doesn't work properly in Russia since the local authorities have blocked the company's website, after the apps will be removed from App Store and Google Play, the service will be completely unreachable.

LinkedIn officials said that they are “disappointed” with the decision by Russian authorities to block its services provided to the citizens of the country, but that it has no intention to bring its service into the nation's borders anytime soon.

Microsoft's LinkedIn has several million users in Russia, which will probably be denied the company's services if both Apple and Google will comply to the authorities' request to remove the application from the mobile stores.