Instagram for iOS Updated With Wide Color and Live Photos Support

The new feature is already available for iPhone 7 users
Instagram’s co-founder Mike Krieger took to Twitter to announce three new features to be made available in the Instagram app. He stated that wide color capture and display will be made available on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, together with a couple of other new tools.

Instagram is one of the most popular image sharing apps out there so it’s no wonder that the app gets updated with new features every once in a while.

Instagram users can now post GIF animations to Instagram Stories and convert Apple Live Photos into Boomerang, which is a mini-videos app by Instagram. It appears that the new features almost completely rolled out and they don’t require an app update.

Use 3D Touch to upload Live Photos to Instagram Stories

The new photo filters available for iOS users will allow them to view and capture a wider variety of hues in their photos. The Live Photos support for Instagram Stories allows users to upload their own GIFs without having to use the Boomerang app.

To upload a Live Photos image to Instagram Stories, users just have to use 3D Touch on the Live Photos before they upload it. Before this update, users had to pen Boomerang app in order to upload GIFs to Instagram Stories. The process has now been simplified for iPhone 6s and 7 devices that have 3D Touch.

Instagram for iPhone offers a wide variety of picture editing tools, including special color filters, one-finger zoom on the iPhone 7 Plus and even a 3D Touch shortcut for the Instagram Stories camera.

It’s unclear at this point when Instagram will add a feature for uploading GIFs to Instagram Stories in its Android app, but it shouldn’t be long now. Last month, Instagram for Android and iOS was updated with the ability to save posts for later viewing.