Google Brings Tango Augmented Reality Technology to Museums

Project Tango is a technology platform from Google that allows developers to create experiences that incorporate things like indoor navigation, 3D mapping, and augmented reality.
-Right now only Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and Asus ZenFone AR use Tango technology
A myriad of Tango-enabled smartphones were announced last week at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, United States.

Many more devices are likely to be introduced throughout the year, which clearly points to the fact that Google is strongly backed by many Android OEMs in its endeavor to make Tango technology available to a larger audience.

Along with the announcement that more smartphones will be Daydream-ready soon, Google expanded the use of Tango location and augmented reality technology to museums.
“Museums can be great teachers. From art and science to culture and natural history, they educate and inspire us. Still, display signs and audio guides can only convey so much. What if you could explore museums in a different way?” says Justin Quimby, Senior Product Manager, Tango.
Using Tango AR technology, users will soon be able to explore museums around the world in a whole new way. The first museum that Tango AR users will be able to visit virtually is the Detroit Institute of Arts.
Google announced that, in partnership with GuidiGO, the Detroit Institute of Arts built Lumin, a mobile tour that uses Tango capabilities to add AR interactivity and information to make the exploring experience more immersive.

Using the Tango enabled Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone, users will be able to explore a wide range of works, including mummies of the Ancient Egypt, the Ishtar Gate of the Ancient Babylonia, as well as the limestone reliefs of Mesopotamia.
According to Google, “this is just the beginning of how you’ll be able to use Tango in museums to see more, hear more and learn more. Stay tuned as we bring Tango to even more museums around the world.”
If you don't own a Tango-enabled smartphone, you will be able to get one from the museum's front desk. All museum partners will be “outfitted” with Tango-enabled smartphones for visitors who want to explore the museums of the world