Dell unveils World First 8K Monitor at CES 2017,coming to market this year.

Dell will ship a 32-inch 8K monitor later this year for $4,999
In CES 2017,Dell unveil the world first 8K 32-inch Monitor which offer 33.2 million pixels in 32 inch or 7680×4320.The average Pixel density is 280ppi.

Measurements like this indirectly reveal the reason most monitors don’t try to push resolutions the way smartphones do. The pixel density you need to not be able to see individual pixels falls off steeply as the distance between your eyes and the display increases. A 2560×1600 32-inch panel is considered “retina” (meaning the typical human eye cannot distinguish between pixels) at 36 inches.

A 4K panel of the same physical size is retina at 25 inches. An 8K panel hits that mark at the one-foot mark, but precious few people use a 32-inch display while sitting just 12 inches from the screen.

This panel has a 60Hz refresh rate and covers 100% of the Adobe RGB and SRGB color gamuts, 100% of the old Rec.709 gamut for HDTV, 98% of the DCI-P3 professional gamut, and ~80% of the newest UHD Blu-ray Rec.2020 gamut. It’s not clear how Dell is pushing this kind of capability — the company may be using Multi-Stream Transport (MST) for 8K support. In MST, the signal streaming from the source device (the GPU) is routed to each side of the monitor, creating a desktop that behaves like an extended desktop you’d configure using Windows’ multi-monitor support.
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    • Dell 8K Monitor Specification in full:
      • -31.5-inch, 7680x4320 @ 60Hz, 280 ppi
        -178 degrees (vertical and horizontal) viewing angle
        -100 percent Adobe RGB, sRGB, and Rec709
        -400 cd/m2 brightness
        -1,300:1 contrast ratio
        -9.7mm bezel
        -2 x DisplayPort 1.3, 4 x USB 3.0, audio line-out

This panel is all about the pixels, and it has plenty of them—four times more than a 4K monitor. That's too taxing for gaming at this point, but there are other potential applications for an 8K display.

"Monitors offering this extreme level of resolution and Dell PremierColor clarity and gradation are important in commercial fields where in-depth image zooming is critical—such as photo and video editing, medicine and diagnostic research, and oil and gas exploration—all among the early adopters of this technology. Plus its near borderless display gives customers 32 inches of screen real estate in a highly compact package," Dell says.
Dell will starting selling this monitor in March or April.