Twitter And Periscope Apps Will Soon Support for Live 360 Video

Earlier this month, Twitter introduced live video for its Android and iOS apps, and it seems that the company is moving forward to Live 360 Video feature. Periscope and Twitter have just announced that they are testing the new feature on their apps.

Periscope announced that the new Live 360 Video would allow users to experience moments with the broadcaster, bringing them one step closer to actually being there. The new feature is currently in the testing phase, users can join live 360 videos on Periscope and Twitter from some select broadcasters.

In order to distinguish between other videos on Periscope and Twitter, the company added a special badge to live 360 videos. When streaming such videos, users can change the point of view by simply moving their phones or tapping and scrolling around the screen.

Live 360 Video will start rolling out widely in a few weeks

Twitter is currently testing the new feature with a small group of partners and intends to roll out live 360 video more broadly in the coming weeks. Users who are excited about the new feature can apply to join the waiting list and get notified when live 360 video will be made available to all users.

Periscope is also offering support for Insta360 Nano cameras and users can experiment with other 360 cameras using an application that’s called the Periscope Producer.

Periscope and Twitter aren’t the first to provide such features, Facebook and YouTube have made such a feature available in the past, in an attempt to attract users. Facebook even offers users a separate webpage for publishing and exploring 360 videos, as well as tips on how to make such videos. Facebook offers support for 360 videos on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, Twitter and Periscope has yet to announce support for any VR headsets in the mobile apps.