Pakistani Hacker group "Faisal 1337" hijack Google Bangladesh domain

Google Bangladesh defaced via DNS hijacking.learn about DNS hijacking??
The Bangladesh domain belonging to Google is the latest to become the victim of hackers, as a group of attackers apparently coming from Pakistan managed to deface the search engine page and post their own message on the site.

Hackers who are part of a group called Team Pak Cyber Attackers hijacked the Google Bangladesh search engine domain and posted a message that taunts the security systems put in place by Google.

As HackRead notes, the breach was mostly possible with DNS hijacking, which was the same method that other hackers turned to in the past to disrupt other Google websites, including the Vietnamese homepage.

In this latest hack, the attackers posted a message on the Google Bangladesh page that included the Pakistan Zindabad slogan, which translates to Long Live Pakistan.

“Struck by Faisal 1337. Google Bangladesh Stamped by Team Pak Cyber Attackers. Security is an illusion. Pakistan Zindabad,” the full message posted on the Google website read.
Google has obviously moved very fast to restore access to its website, so everything’s back to normal now. It’s not clear, however, how long the defaced website remained available for visitors.

Similar attacks in 2015

 This isn’t the first time when Bangladesh hackers are targeting high-profile websites and similar cases happened last year as well, when websites belonging to Google and Microsoft were compromised through DNS hijacking. Google and MSN domains based in the Pitcairn Islands were defaced by a different group of hackers who posted a message similar to the one published today.

“Google Pitcairn Island hacked by Tiger M@te & Surg4bij4k. Bangladesh to Indonesia, we own it all,” hackers who defaced the Pitcairn Islands domains said on the compromised pages.
At this point, it’s not known if the Pakistani hackers targeting Google’s Bangladesh domain had any other purpose than to highlight the weak security of the website, but given the fact that it all happened through DNS hijacking, no information was put at risk.