"The Most Durable Smartphone of 2016" is HTC 10

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi Mix were runner ups
As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to see which smartphone makers hit a homerun this year and designed both strong and high performing phones in 2016. JerryRigEverything is known for testing the durability of recently launched smartphones and he concluded that the HTC 10 is most likely to last for a prolonged period of time.

Out of 30 smartphones tested this year, JerryRigEverything found that the HTC 10 is the strongest out of many runner ups, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Xiaomi Mi Mix, with a ceramic body. The HTC 10 comes with a metal build, which makes it resistant to drops, but somewhat vulnerable to scratches.

The least durable smartphone launched this year is the NextBit Robin, made entirely out of plastic and without any structural integrity inside the phone. HTC 10 is the most durable phone of 2016, but it’s also the least reparable smartphone of the past year.

The device has 14 screws and 13 different connectors that make the phone quite difficult to repair. By comparison, the easiest screen repair of the past year is the Google Pixel with a glass back and a layer between the screen and other components. The V20 is also easy to repair and swap the screen if needed.

The Galaxy Note 7 could have been the best phone of 2016

JerryRigEverything names the Xiaomi Mi Mix as the phone with the most innovative design, considering its edge-to-edge body display and ceramic body. The iPhone 7 was deemed the least innovative phone of 2016, one of the reasons is the fact that it took Apple a few years to implement OIS on its iPhone cameras, while such a feature has become a norm for other smartphone makers.

The removal of the headphone jack and delayed AirPods also contributed to this result. The Galaxy Note 7 was also mentioned as the smartphone with the potential to be the best phone in the world, if it weren’t for its battery issues that led to its discontinuation.