Instagram to Add New Comment-Related Tools, Ability to Remove Followers

Anonymous reporting for certain posts will be available too
Instagram has just revealed plans to introduced a couple of comment control features meant to offer users an improved comments experience and, ultimately, keep them safe from the bullies out there.

Since most of the conversation on Instagram happens through comments, adding new controls features for them is a great idea, especially that there are some that aren't positive at all.

Aside from the ability to filter comments based on keywords, which was added in a previous update, Instagram plans to implement two new features that are supposed to enhance comments experience.

The first one is the option to turn off comments on any post, something that's available on Facebook for quite some time now. This particular feature was only enabled for a very small number of accounts, probably with the purpose of testing.

However, in the coming weeks, Instagram will push this feature to everyone. In order to use it, simply head to “Advanced Settings” before posting and then select “Turn Off Comments.” Naturally, you can also tap the three-dots menu after posting to turn comments on.

The second major new features that Instagram will add in the coming weeks is the ability to like comments by tapping a heart icon next to any comment.

Another new feature that Instagram plans to bring to its app is the ability to remove followers from private accounts. Currently, once you approve a follower, there is no simple way to remove him/her without blocking them first.

Starting with the next update, those with private accounts will be able to remove followers by going to their list of followers and tapping the three-dots menu next to the person's name. Obviously, that person won't be notified that you've decided to remove them as a follower.

Last but not least, Instagram will implement the option to anonymously report on someone they care that they're may be thinking about injuring themselves. Instagram claims it has teams working 24/7 around the world to review these reports.