Google Offers Refund to Owner of Pixel Phone With Audio Problems

The customer exchanged five Pixel XL phones
A few days ago, we reported that Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones could have some speaker issues that cause the output audio to be distorted. A Redditor first signaled the issue and others have confirmed that an issue is present in Google’s phones, manufactured by HTC.

Mark Buckman managed to reproduce the issue on five exchanged Pixel XL smartphones, after continuously reporting the problem to Google. Each time, Buckman received an exchanged Pixel XL, he tested the audio and noticed that the speakers continued to produce static and distorted sounds when at the three highest volume levels. He also noticed that his wife’s Pixel phone had the same problem.

Google finally acknowledged the issue, but didn’t provide any solutions for Buckman yet. The user did manage to find a workaround method for the speaker problem and remove the distorted sounds, by flashing custom ROMs on the phone.

Unfortunately, this is a very complex method that not all users are willing to follow, especially since it voids the phone’s warranty. Buckman said for PocketNow that he wanted a phone that wouldn’t require tweaking or flashing custom ROMs, and that the Pixel XL functions great in all areas, except for the speakers.

Google offered a refund for the Pixel XL

Finally, Google contacted Buckman for solving the issue with his complaint. It seems that Google decided that the best course of action for Buckman is to offer him a full refund with the return of his latest Pixel XL.

Google’s solution allows Buckman to buy another phone, but he might pick another manufacturer since he stated that “Google has not only let me down, but let a whole group of… fanboys — I hate to say it.”
Google’s offer might also mean that the company isn’t confident in its capacity of delivering a Pixel XL phone without the speaker problem and that some time might pass until a fix could be found.