Study says that 70% of Android Users Want Pre-Installed Apps on Their Phones

Info! People prefer to buy phones that are ready for use
Perhaps the title might have shocked some of you, but it appears that a study suggests no less than 70% of Android users prefer to have pre-installed apps on their devices.

The study was conducted by Application Developers Alliance in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, The Next Web reports. Around 4,000 people were surveyed, and it's worth mentioning that Google lend a hand, too.

Google's fight with EU over its Android apps, which are said to be anti-competitive, is the main reason that the search giant wanted to have such a study and why it helped Application Developers Alliance conduct it.

Well, according to this study, only 10% of Android users do no change their home screen setup. Among the most frequently used apps, the study mentions Amazon for shopping, Spotify for music, WhatsApp for chatting, Kindle for reading, and Skype for calls.

None of these apps belong to Google, so the study favors the search giant in this regard. The next once though, not so much. When it comes to streaming video, YouTube is the most frequently used apps by Android users. The same goes for Gmail for email, Drive for cloud storage, and Google Search for flights.

If you wonder how did the survey company came up with the 70% figure, it's very simple. The study includes a question that subtly implies a positive answer.
Here is the question: “If you were to buy or receive a new Android device, would you prefer it to come with basic apps so it works out of the box?”
Obviously, most people who were surveyed admitted that they would rather have a smartphone that they can use right out of the box, thus avoiding the hassle of having to install their favorite apps.

So, while people do want to save as much time as possible, it would be more appropriate to let them choose what apps should come pre-installed on their phones. No one wants bloatware on their phones.