Report claims that iPhones have a 62% failure rate,Top Reason is Overheating and Apps

They say iPhones are more reliable than Android devices, but according to a report from Blancco Technology Group, it’s exactly the opposite, as Apple’s phones experienced a bigger failure rate in the third quarter of the year.

Specifically, iPhones had a failing rate of 62 percent worldwide, while Android did better with just 47 percent. And while this shows that iPhones might have a serious issue, it’s also very important to know why exactly Apple’s devices are crashing.

According to the report, apps and overheating were the two main problems invoked by Apple users, which is a little bit surprising given the fact that it was Samsung the one that had to deal with overheating on its devices (which eventually led to batteries catching fire). But the report shows that iPhones are also getting super-hot, and users are quite annoyed with this.

Pokemon Go anyone?

As far as applications that are crashing are concerned, the report shows that Pokemon Go is among the leaders, and this is no surprise. Niantic has struggled to improve its game from the very beginning, but rarely managed to do it, despite complaints from the millions of users across the world. And it didn’t cause just crashes, the report shows.

“Our data suggests that the problems resulting from playing Pokemon GO were not only limited to iOS users,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer of Blancco Technology Group. “Battery charging ranked in the list of the top five performance issues plaguing Android devices in Q3 2016. Since users must keep both their device screen and GPS on in order to play the virtual reality game, both of these functions are known to drain the device’s battery charge.”

When it comes to iPhones, the iPhone 6 had the biggest failure rate - 13 percent, while the iPhone 6s was the runner-up with 9 percent. The 5s is next, also with 9 percent.

For Android, the LeEco Le 2 was topping the charts with 13 percent, while Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is far behind with 5 percent.

The top crashing iOS apps chart puts Instagram in the leading position, followed by Snapchat, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger, so the top is made up entirely of social apps. Google apps, such as Search and Google Photos, are also in the top 10.