New ads of Microsoft claims Edge is Faster and More Secure than Google Chrome

Redmond rolls out new Microsoft Edge browser ads
Microsoft has just published two new Edge browser ads in order to highlight some of the features of its app, including performance security. Furthermore, Microsoft uses these ads to downplay Google Chrome, explaining that Edge browser is a much faster and more secure option that Google’s.

Microsoft has been saying the same thing for many months, as it’s investing massively in Edge browser, but adoption of the new app continues to be below expectations, mostly because of its limited availability.

Microsoft Edge is exclusively available in Windows 10, and Redmond has no plans to launch it on any other Windows version or on a non-Windows operating system, be it desktop or mobile.

Chrome running on more than 50 percent of the desktops worldwide

Third-party statistics show that Microsoft Edge currently has a market share of nearly 5 percent, while Google Chrome tops the charts with more than 50 percent. This means that 1 in 2 PCs is running Google Chrome, regardless of the operating system.

Microsoft, on the other hand, promises to make Edge a truly powerful alternative to third-party browsers and looks at Google Chrome as the main rival, for one reason or another. The firm barely mentions Firefox in its ads or benchmarks, even though Mozilla’s browser also has more users than Microsoft Edge.

Edge itself received major updates earlier this year with the debut of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including support for extensions. Furthermore, the software giant promised to continue working on Edge in the coming OS updates, and the next important milestone is the arrival of the Windows 10 Creators Update due in March 2017.

Of course, it’ll take longer to see Microsoft Edge becoming a rival to Google Chrome, especially given the market shares of the two, but Redmond is very confident that more users will discover the benefits of its Windows 10 browsers thanks to its marketing push, such as today’s ads.