Microsoft launches "windows Defender hub" for windows 10 users

Info! New Windows Defender companion app available for download
Microsoft has just launched a new Windows 10 app whose purpose is to help users discover the benefits of Windows Defender security solution and always stay up-to-date with the latest security trends with information provided by the software giant itself.

Called Windows Defender Hub, the application is available in the Store with a free license and works exclusively on PCs - a universal app doesn’t make much sense since Windows Defender is specifically aimed at desktop computers.

Windows Defender Hub isn’t a super exciting app, but more of a companion app for Windows Defender, bringing you needs and features to check system security status and to control Windows Defender.

There are also tips that help improve the security of the computer, as well as blog posts published by Microsoft on the official blogs.

“Help protect your device with the antimalware protection built in to Windows 10. It’s already on your device! There’s nothing to buy, no subscriptions, and no nagware,” the description of the app reads.
“Windows Defender Hub gives you access to Windows Defender, so you can easily check your protection status or scan your device. Windows DHub also brings you articles from Microsoft about malware and viruses and the latest security trends, even if you use another antivirus program.”

Windows Defender vs. third-party security products

The launch of the new Windows Defender app comes only a few days after security firm Kaspersky criticized the software giant for its aggressive push in Windows 10 to convince users to replace third-party antivirus solutions with its own product.

Kaspersky calls for a thorough investigation from Russian and European antitrust bodies, as they believe that Microsoft hurts competition by forcing users to abandon third-party security products and switch to Windows Defender.

Microsoft has until now remained completely tight-lipped on Kaspersky’s criticism but said that it would collaborate with authorities across the world should any formal complaints be filled.