LG G6 Coming in 2017 with Removable Battery, Iris Scanner,Mobile payments technology

The company needs a successful flagship next year
Rumors about LG's upcoming flagship smartphone continue to pour in. This time we have a few details concerning the phone's battery and iris scanner, which are supposed to be important parts of the G6 when it gets released in 2017.

As some of you probably know, the G5 is considered a flop, as LG lost around $67 million
“Unlike strong sales in home appliances and television, LG posted historical losses from its mobile communication unit this year. For a rally in shares, the rebound from G6 is important next year,” said Kim Ji-san, an analyst at Kiwoom Securities.
Just like Samsung, LG must redeem itself in the eyes of its most loyal fans, and what better way to do that than to launch the almost perfect flagship.

According to a new report coming from South Korea, the G6 will adopt the iris recognition technology since LG recently announced that it has designed a all-in-one module that can serve as both a camera and an iris scanner.

Aside from that, the South Korean company is expected to get rid of the non-removable battery and will bring back the replaceable battery next year.

Sources in the industry claim LG has taken this decision in order to avoid any safety issues with the battery.

On top of that, LG is rumored to announce a new mobile payment system that will work with the G6. The new MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) solution is similar to Samsung Pay and allows for easy payment by touching the smartphone to magnetic card readers.

Unlike White Card, the MST is more versatile since over 90% of card readers that are now available on the market are fully compatible with the technology.