Japan New 130-Petaflops supercomputer Will Cost $173 Million

Japan has been a dominating market for technology in the world, but recent years have not been very successful for Japan due to unnatural calamities, but still a strong economy kept the nation goes on.

Japan has recently announced it’s view on making the world fastest supercomputer which will be world fastest and more effective one. The project which he named Artificial Intelligence Bridging Cloud Infrastructure or AIBC which will complete by next year.
According to the sources, Japan has named it 130-petaflops supercomputer and which will cost $173 million.
This will be a big step forward in supercomputer market and will greatly advance in AI research as well as to provide processing power for various companies, startups and academic institutions. This will be built at Kashiwa Campus of University of Tokyo and which will be most active supercomputer, which will run on Linux operating system.
Currently, the most powerful and advanced supercomputer in the world is the Sunway TaihuLight in China, which perform 93-petaflops, followed by calculation of Tianhe-2 which performs on 33.86-petaflops. Once this project completes, The AIBC will be fastest supercomputer in the world which will be 10 time faster than other supercomputers in the world which will cost 13.5-petaflops.

The cost of the new computer is probably mitigated by allowing companies to lease time on the supercomputer for their own use. The announcement of the supercomputer comes after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he called Japanese Government and private sectors to work more closely to bring the country at the forefront of new and fastest growing technology markets.

This Supercomputer will be used to provide research and development of auto-mobile sectors, Medical Application, Robotics and many more.

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    • The list of supercomputers in all around the world:
      • -Sunway Taihulight 3.01-petaflops (China)
        -NUDT Tianhe-2 33.86-paetaflops (China)
        -Cray Titan 17.59-petaflops (US)
        -IBM Sequoia 17.17-petaflops (US)
        -Cray Cory 14.01-petaflops (US)
        -Fujitsu Oakforest-PACS 13.55-petaflops (Japan)
        -Cray Piz Daint 9.77-petaflops (Sweden)
        -IBM Mira 858-petaflops (US)
        -Cray Trinity 8.10-petaflops (US)