Google Play roll out 4K UHD Movies starting at $24.99

With Google already selling its first 4K streaming device with the Chromecast Ultra, UHD content is starting to makes its way into the Play Store. The rollout is happening a bit prematurely, but it appears that 4K movies will start at $24.99…

At the moment, users can buy 1997’s The Fifth Element in UHD for $24.99, with Google citing the Chromecast Ultra and 4K Android TVs as supported devices. For comparison, the HD version of this movie is $12.99 and SD $9.99. The option to rent the higher quality version is also available for $7.99. Interestingly, this 4K version is only accessible from the Play Store app and not the web.

Other users are already beginning to see a square 4K icon appear on the Play Store listing of some movies, including Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond, Zoolander, and This Is The End.

Speaking with Google Play support, the early rollout appears to be a mistake. Some movies that list the icon do not have the option to purchase the movie, while other films already allow you to purchase the higher-res version but lack the badge.

With the Play Store getting ready for release and the Chromecast Ultra already available, an official launch is likely not too far out.