Domino’s New Zealand started World's First Commercial Pizza Delivery by Drone

Almost three months after its demonstration, the world’s first commercial drone pizza delivery has finally became a reality.

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises delivered one peri-peri chicken pizza and another chicken and cranberry pizza Thursday morning local time to a customer in Whangaparaoa, north of Auckland, New Zealand. The company posted video of the delivery on its Facebook page.

The delivery service is a partnership between Domino’s New Zealand and drone delivery company Flirtey — the trial in August was a crucial step in getting regulatory approval. Don Meij, the chief executive of Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, said that the lead-up to this delivery involved a number of trials, including adjusting food temperatures, as well as some co-ordination with the government, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Apart from shorter delivery time, making use of drones also means skipping all the traffic and congestion on roads, according to the Herald.

And to top it off, the customers of this historic pizza run loved it, too.

“The delivery was a lot quicker and it was most certainly more fresh and hot. We are really excited to see how this proceeds,” the couple told