Browser Ruler "Google chrome" has 2 billion active install on Desktop and Mobile

Google’s browser rules both the desktop and mobile worlds
Microsoft might be working hard on making Edge a better browser for Windows 10 users, but it’s another browser that’s leading the pack right now, and it comes from long-time rival Google.

Google Chrome is currently the most used browser on Windows, but according to stats provided by the search giant itself, the popularity of this app goes beyond the PC.

Statistics provided by Chrome Engineering VP Darin Fisher at the Chrome Dev Summit reveal that Google Chrome has no less than two billion active installs across the world (not to be confused with the number of users, though, which as far as we know is around 1 billion).

1 in 2 PCs running Chrome right now

This includes the PC and mobile, as Google Chrome has grown a lot lately on smartphones, be they powered by Android and iOS (Windows phones are not included in these statistics, as a Chrome version for Microsoft’s platform is not available).
“I wanted to make this point that there are a lot of Chrome browsers out there,” Fisher was quoted as saying. “What’s exciting about this to you all is that when you think about building for the web, there’ a lot of browsers out there that implement the latest web standards — that implement the latest and greatest web features.”

While Google didn’t provide figures as to how many users Chrome currently has, third-party market share analysts put the company’s browser at the lead of the chart, with more than 50 percent share.

NetMarketShare, for instance, claims that Google Chrome has a 54 percent market share, while Microsoft’s new Edge browser is only far behind with a little over 5 percent. Google Chrome has no rival at this time on the desktop and not even Firefox can keep up – Internet Explorer is declining on a monthly basis, with Microsoft no longer releasing new features, as it’s focusing on Edge.

Obviously, Google is very keen on continuing the growth of Chrome on all supported platforms, so it’s becoming pretty hard for any other company, including here Microsoft, to dethrone it in the browser battle.