How To Make Free Video Calls From Your Smart Phone

Hello Friends, today i am going to to tell you about,  How To Make Free Video Calls From Your Smartphone. 

Industry of smartphone are growing up day by day. Video calls are becoming the integral part of our lives, mostly people use the Skype, Imo kind of apps to make the video calls, but now google have brought a new video calling app for you guys.  Its Called Google Duo.

Like the Name Tells Everything, Google is going to connect you guys with each other, with an app called Google Duo, recently reliance have launched Jio sims & it made a great sensation through out the mobile industry. But as you know guys, they only support the 4G Lte phone & people are not getting the Jio Sims easily. So here is the solution if you want to make the video calls with your friends. Google Duo is the answer. There is no need to make separate email accounts for Google Duo. Quality of the this app is much better than the other video apps  in the market, since it is a google product so you can trust it more than other apps. It is less ram consuming & more secure to use. Just to make sure you have good internet connection to make better calls.

How to Use The Google Duo App:

  • Log In to your Google Play Store or Apple App store. 
  • Download the app it is only 8.5 Mb so no huge data it will take.
  • Now Register your number on app, it will send a verify message to your number & you will be connected to the App. 
  • Now you can make video calls with your friends who have google duo in their phone. Just need to make one tap on video calls. 
That't it have happy calling & enjoy with your friends.

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