Open Live Writer: Blogging tool for bloggers

If you are a blogger, You know many blogging tools & today i am sharing a new tool for bloggers "Open live Writer". Open live Writer is a desktop blogging tool for writing posts/pages for your blog. I personally use this tool & recommended you to use this tool.
Open Live Writer: Blogging tool for bloggers

What is Open Live Writer ?

Open live Writer is a powerful, lightweight blog editor tool that allows you to create blogs posts offline and then publish when you will be online. I also allows you to add photos,videos. Open live Writer works with many popular blog service providers such as Wordpress , Blogger , TypePad , Moveable Type , DasBlog and many more. It is a open source application enabling users to author,edit and publish blog posts. Open Live Writer is provided under a MIT License.

Benefits of Open live Writer:

  • Retrieve Theme (it fetches the theme of your blog and when you write a blog post using open live writer, you can see the preview of the post on your blog)
  • WYSIWYG Editor (when you do the formatting and changes, you will get the same preview on your blog)
  • Automatic Save (it automatically saves the post)
  • Backup and Local Draft (You will not lose your content that you write in case of windows crash or any other error,it saves your data automatically)
  • Image editing capabilities (You can adjust image size,ratio,rotate,contrast etc.)
  • Offline Work (You can write posts even offline, means without internet connection)
  • HTML Editing (You can edit your posts in html too)
  • Manage multiple blogs (You can manage more than one blog)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (You can shortcuts keys that you don't able to use in Blog websites)
  • Free Tool (it's a absolutely free tool)
  • & More (Set Categories,Set Post Date,Add Plug-ins,Add Map,Images,Videos,Post Tags,Emoticon,Table,Hyperlink,View Blog)
Download Open Live Writer (Size: 5.20 MB)
For Open live Writer Tutorials, Click here 

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