Review: 2016 Toyota Avanza 1.5G A/T

It’s often joked that the typical Filipino family is composed of at least seven people: the parents, the grandparents, two children, and a yaya. This has led to the rise of AUVs or Asian Utility Vehicles, since a 5-seater car can no longer suffice. Even with the phasing out of AUVs in the early 2000’s, the clamor for an affordable family carrier continued and manufacturers have gone through varied routes trying to serve an ever fickle market. The one that has always led the charge is Toyota and their Avanza. Now on its second-generation, it’s become the default choice for those who want seven seats but can’t afford an Innova. But with an increasing number of choices in the small MPV segment, can the big minor change Avanza continue to lead?
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