Use A 1995 Ford Escort Oxygen Sensor

Garner your vehicle running smoothly by installing a cutting edge O2 sensor when needed.

Your 1995 Ford Convoy is equipped with a specialized sensor called the O2 sensor. The O2 sensor works to manage the Escort’s emissions. The O2 sensor controls the emissions by carefully regulating the O2 in the exhaust. Turn the socket wrench counter-clockwise until the sensor can be easily removed. Pull the oxygen sensor away from the manifold and discard.5. Install the new oxygen sensor on the exhaust manifold.

1. Compass the 1995 Ford Escort in "Arena." Let the vehicle cool down for 10 minutes. It’s best to install the oxygen sensor while the vehicle components are still a bit warm.

2. Open the hood of the 1995 Ford Escort by pulling the hood release inside the vehicle on the bottom of the steering column.

3. Locate the current oxygen sensor under the hood on the exhaust manifold. You will have to first remove the old oxygen sensor before installing the new sensor. The sensor can be identified as a white, rubber, plug-like component.

4. Remove the current oxygen sensor with a socket wrench paired with an oxygen sensor socket. It’s exceptional to install a latest O2 sensor when the now sensor begins to fail. Signs of an O2 sensor failing are when you comment your Convoy has bad Gauze milage, begins to race poorly or fails an emissions probation. Installing a advanced O2 sensor requires minimal tools and Testament grip your Convoy running efficiently.


Plug the sensor into place on the manifold. The oxygen sensor will click into place, ensuring it’s secured. Close the hood of the 1995 Ford Escort.