Upgrade A Streamlight Stinger Brought

The Streamlight Stinger is an aluminum-body flashlight that is designed for capitalization by habitation owners, code enforcement and the military. Featuring a Xenon-filled bulb capable of producing 11,000 candle energy, or approximately 90 lumens, the Stinger is extremely suited for self-defense by temporarily disorienting someone with the glowing beam. Upgrading the Stinger can be done to a Cree Q4 LED that is capable of producing 220 lumens, and reducing the effectiveness consumption on batteries.


1. Authority the thing of the Streamlight Stinger flashlight with one fist and the tendency lens with the other.

2. Turn the intellect lens counter clockwise to loosen. Completely unscrew the head lens and remove from the Stinger flashlight body.

3. Unpack the head lens upgrade with Q4 LED carefully.

Finger-tighten the new head lens with Q4 LED, so the "O" rings in the head lens seat properly and create a water-proof seal.

4. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the threads on the Stinger flashlight body. Align the new head lens with the threads on the Stinger flashlight body and screw the head lens upgrade on.5.