Troubleshooting Automotive Home Security Systems


If this is not the problem, check your sensor and make sure it isn't too sensitive. It's possible your security system is telling you there's a voltage drop in your vehicle's battery, and it needs to be replaced.

Car Won't Start

Constant Alarm

Provided your automotive security method is constantly sounding its alarm, fabricate persuaded your dome aglow isn't staying on. Make sure the dome light is turned off, and all the doors are closed.An automotive security system is designed to protect your vehicle against doable theft, on the contrary it can creator problems along the habit. Current automotive security course problems combine the alarm constantly sounding or preventing your motorcar from starting. The first off object you should close when troubleshooting your automotive security course is to trial all of your vehicle's systems, to make sure that your security process is the disputed point. Disconnect any other electric devices in your vehicle; sometimes radar detectors, GPS systems or cell phones can interfere with your automotive security process.

If you attempt to begin your car and the security system's alarm goes off, you need to change your battery. There could also be a problem with your battery if you try to turn on your car and nothing lights up or turns on. If your car won't start and your security system is working, you could have a bad starter.