Troubleshooting 4 Stroke Scooters

Four-stroke engines are gasoline-only and wish no oil additives comparable a two-stroke engine. Four stroke engines are commonly used on newer metric and American-made motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motorized skateboards and ATVs. Troubleshooting a four-stroke engine can be child's play and done in a scarce simple steps. Before taking your vehicle to a professional, perform these simple steps first. They may save you money and further complications.

Gas and Electrical Systems

Check for gasoline in the fuel tank and for any fuel leaks. Check for plugged fuel filter, which is usually on the fuel hose between the tank and the carburetor. Check the petcock to see if it is in the on position.

Checking The Spark Plugs

Coil wires are an important part of the engine and must be checked. Corroded or dirty wires must be cleaned or replaced if necessary. Remove spark plugs from engine and inspect thoroughly. There will one to four spark plugs depending on the size of the engine. Fouled or burnt spark plugs must be replaced.

A petcock is a small round device that has an on/off lever that delivers gasoline to the carburetor. Petcocks are usually on the left-hand side of the vehicle just below the gas tank. Check for loose or broken wires or corroded electrical connections and clean with recommended electronic cleaners.

If You Still Need Help

Certified technicians are available should you need the help of a professional. See the link in Resources for help in finding one.