Toyota Bumper Removal Methods

Removing Toyota bumpers is an light evolution that takes patience and a diminutive bit of know-how on all sides of Car repair. A trained mechanic can create this in approximately five minutes on the contrary it may capture a hasty added chronology for a apprentice. With that said, the later is remove a bumper on a Toyota Corolla, the leading platform design for Toyota, nevertheless is not a far cry from the Emigration directions for Camrys, Celicas and other comparable models.


Variations of bumpers

While the bumpers will vary from vehicle-to-vehicle, the Toyota manufacturers typically keep the same style of removal universal. The clips and screws may be in different areas but the removal instructions should work for all makes and models of Toyota cars and vans.

Remove the compartment trim cover; both sides have four clips each. Using your screwdriver, pry off all eight clips and then lift the luggage compartment trim cover off and out of the vehicle.

Start by removing both the left and right side bumper seals. Once off, you will now have access to the four nuts that can be removed with the ten-mm deep socket. Inside the bumper cover itself will be two screws that will require your Phillips screwdriver. There will also be six extra clips at the bottom of the bumper cover holding it on that can be taken off with your screwdriver and, lastly, you will disengage the last two hooks that require nothing more than lifting up the bumper and pulling them off.

Now your bumper is ready to be pulled off.

You Testament commitment a 4-mm slot screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, 10-mm socket and quarter-inch impel, 10-mm downreaching socket and a 6-inch quarter-inch ride extent. Begin by removing the spare tire elsewhere of the back by simply picking it up (with the jack) and fascinating it absent.Purchase elsewhere your tools, as you Testament appropriateness your screwdriver to remove the three clips on your rear floor finish. Use it to also pry out the rear floor finish itself.