Totally reset The Oil Light Around The 2003 Saturn Ion

The oil brilliance of the Saturn Ion reminds the Chauffeur/owner when it's duration to alter the oil and filter.


1. Place the key of the Saturn Ion into the ignition and turn it two clicks forward to the accessory power position (key-on/engine-off).

The Saturn Ion was front produced in 2003 and ended Industry in 2007. The machine came equipped with an oil warning bright with preset milage intervals to notify the Chauffeur/owner that is was interval to interchange the oil and oil filter. At the generation of the oil and filter interchange, it's required to reset the brilliant manually to notify the motorcar's personal computer operation that the oil had been changed, thus resetting the milage room.

2. Depress and hold the odometer/trip switch (located on the instrument cluster panel) until the words "oil life" is displayed on the information center instead of the odometer mileage.

3. Continue to hold down the odometer/trip switch until the word "reset" is displayed on the information center. Five brief chimes will emit from the Ion.

4. Wait until the odometer mileage is displayed on the information center to confirm the oil light has been reset.

5. Start the engine of the Ion to ensure the oil light is no longer displayed on the instrument cluster panel. If it is, repeat the procedure.