The Specifications Of The Kawasaki Prairie 700

The Kawasaki Prairie 700 4X4 is the largest of the Prairie all-terrain vehicle family. Kawasaki further developed the 360, 400 and 650. The ATV features Accoutrement unusual for an all-terrain vehicle, including a continuously variable transmission and a V-Twin engine.


The tubular frame is steel with a MacPherson strut suspension step providing 6.7-inch junket on the front forks and 7.2-inch cruising in the rear. The automatic CVT's technology is immediately habitual in performance sports cars and sport work vehicles. As on automobiles, the CVT possesses an unlimited character of gear ratios to transform to all speeds.

The Prairie 700 4X4's V-Twin two-cylinder engine displaces 697 ccs and shares many of the equivalent engine components as the Kawasaki KFX 700 ATV. The engine is liquid-cooled with electric starter and a 9.9:1 compression ratio. Carburetion is nailed down two Keihin CVKR-D32 carbs.

Frame and Transmission


The 2006 example 700 differs slightly in extent from the other Prairie models with the exception of the engine displacement. The 700 has a wheelbase measuring 50.8 inches. The full ATV is 86.2 inches deep. The ground clearance at the rear axle is 7.6 inches, with the chassis' centre rising nearly another 2 inches higher off the ground.