Take Away The Rear Chair Of The Rx8

There are various reasons you might appetite to remove the rear seat on your Mazda RX-8. You must remove it whether you necessitate to avail the fuel pump, thanks to there is an access gap located under the seat cushion. You may committal to haul larger objects. Removing the seat back allows you to haul items in the Timber and rear cabin at the corresponding period. No complication, what your reasoning is, you can remove the seat cushion and seat back without the appliance of tools.


1. Repeat this step until you remove the third and fourth press-in tabs.6. Lift up on the seat cushion, and remove it from the RX-8.

Grab the right-upper corner of the seat back, and pull outside on it to Proceeds the moment press-in tab.

3. Lift up on the seat back, and remove it from the RX-8.

4. Grab the left corner of the seat cushion, and pull up on it. This pulls the push-in tab away of the floor pan.

5. Slide your artisan under the lifted quota of the seat, and slide it ethical until the tab gets tighter. Conscription the seat upward by pushing up on the backside of it. This pops the moment press-in tab out of the floor pan. Grab the left-upper corner of the seat back, and pull absent on it. There is a press-in tab on the back of the seat that presses into the period metal of the Timber frame. As you pull on the seat back, the tab pulls for love of the frame.2.