Take Away The Inside Chubby Tummy Cover On The Toyota Highlander

Provided you entail to access the spare tire under the rear of your Toyota Highlander, you charge to cause so from inside the load universe of the vehicle.2. Grasp the cloth handle and pull it straight up, raising the rear cargo area floor with it. Fold the floor back against the rear seats and locate the rod with the hooked end on the underside of the flooring. Hook it around the headrest of the seat to hold the floor up.

1. Extended the rear lift gate on your Highlander. Stand at the rear of the Motor lorry and treasure trove the cloth helve on the back column of the cargo area.

While the tire is mounted under the Motor lorry, the mechanism that allows you to lower it from under the chassis sits under assorted covers. The item instruments that contains the jack, lug wrench and other tools is located in the duplicate globe.


3. Locate the cover over the tire clamp bolt in the left side of the compartment. It is a round plastic cover; grasp the edges and pull it straight out the floor.