Switch The Heater Hoses Inside A Geo Tracker

The heater hoses in your Geo Tracker are prime suspects whether you keep a coolant leak. All the more whether you don't compass a leak, replacing any worn hoses before they hold a chance to leak and damage the cooling course is a acceptable approximation. This replacement is relatively clear and requires petty mechanical skill.


1. Bleed the cooling process. Dwelling a bucket directly underneath the remove plug of the radiator. Then, dehiscent the plug To admit the coolant to void completely from the radiator. When finished, be definite to pour the antiquated coolant into a sealable container, as coolant is awfully poisonous to both general public and pets.

2. Place and loosen the clamps from the heater hoses. The heater hoses on a Geo Tracker are up near the windscreen and connect the heater core to the engine. Also, never pull or twist on the hoses that connect to the heater core, as this action could damage the core.4. Scrape away any leftover hose pieces or debris from the fittings. Then, smear a dab of gasket sealer on the fittings.

You Testament essential pliers or a screwdriver to loosen the clamps depending on which type clamp were used in your Tracker.3. Manipulate a lance or another sharp protest to chop out the hoses from the heater core and engine block. Be definite to slice lengthwise on the hoses and don't handle extremely much downward pressure, which could damage the hose fittings.

This sealer ensures the hose connects to the fittings properly and securely.

5. Put the clamps on the new heater hoses and put the hoses on the fittings. Make certain you slide enough of the hose forward, so it won't come loose when you put the clamp on it.

6. Tighten the hose clamps into place. Next, refill the radiator with fresh coolant and turn on the ignition of the Geo Tracker.

7. Let it run for about 15 minutes. Be sure to check for any leaks from the heater hoses throughout this time. If you don't find any leaks, put the radiator cap back on, close the hood and clean up any mess.