Stop Auto Rust

Rust is the enemy of the automobile. Salted roads, rainy weather and all the more proximity to the ocean can produce cars to rust, all of which is dangerous to the vehicle and can be deadly. Nevertheless stopping rust isn't that formidable. It's aloof a business of manner. In this case, the project is to stop rust on the frame of a truck, but these steps can be used on car bodies or other parts besides.

2. Clean the steel using some cleaner/degreaser and a paper towel.3. Spray or paint on the rust encapsulator, depending on the type you've purchased. This will stop the rust from spreading any farther and can be painted over too, usually after Day and night.


1. Use the wire brush on the rusted area of the frame To cleanse off any surface rust, or scale, off the steel. This will help give you a clean surface to work with.

4. Spray the spray paint over the rust encapsulator after it's cured the recommended time on the label. The rust is now stopped since area, and it won't grow any farther.